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Best Apparel Options for the Home Chef

Skill with food and knowledge of recipes are critical components of being a home chef, one must also focus on hygiene and cleanliness. That’s why these essential apparel options must be part of the conversation.

Chef Jacket

Select something with breathable materials, such as cotton, to help you stay cool while working in a hot kitchen.


If you don’t want to go through the expense of a jacket, choose an apron that covers a majority of your clothing.

Pen Pocket

A jacket or apron should come with a pen pocket in the chest or sleeve.

Future of Cooking with Wearable Technology

What wearable tech can provide are benefits in specific areas of food production. You can monitor hygiene at home, manufacturers can keep track of their food chain, and safety standards can improve.

Best Kitchen Apps for Apple Watch

It didn’t take Food Network long to upload an app and put this technology through its paces in the kitchen. The Apple Watch performs remarkably well, handing numerous conditions without an adverse impact on performance.

What to Expect with Wearables and Clothing

Google’s Jacquard platform allows manufacturers to place a Bluetooth-enabled tag into clothing so that a backpack, shoes, or a shirt can connect to an app. Specially-developed threads with electronics and software enable users to swipe, tap, or hold a part of the garment to receive notifications or respond to messages.

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How to Mix Sustainability with New Apparel

How does a brand become sustainable? It starts with awareness. When consumers know that there are better choices to make, the world can become a healthier place to live.

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